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City of Koronadal
Good People, Good Living

Koronadal travel destinations guide gives you an overview of tourist spots in the City of Koronadal. On each of the featured tourist destination in this travel guide, you will find places of interest on each destination, things to do and how to get
there. We have included a page of travel tips, a list of interesting Koronadal festival / events that runs year round. Communications and getting around the city is easy as most people understand and speak English. Mobile phones are used throughout the archipelago. Foreigners can buy "pre-paid" SIM cards for their cell phones for temporary use in the city to avoid costly roaming charges. Also, foreign currency can easily be converted into Philippine Peso and all major credit cards are accepted in major establishments.

Koronadal City are a peace loving and friendly people.  Koronadal provides a relaxing and soothing evening entertainment for all. One can fancy from city's live band disco, video-k and street parties.

About  the Koronadal City
The Koronadal City is the capital of South Cotabato a center of commerce trade industry, government administration, transportation, communication and education. Covering a total land area of 27, 700 hectares, City of Koronadal constitutes 8.41% of the total lnad area of the province of South Cotabato. It is in the southwestern part of Mindanao, the country's second largest island. It occupies the southwestern part of South Cotabato. Koronadal is a typhoon-free city. April to July are hot and dry while rains abound from August to October, November to March are pleasant cool and dry. Light casual clothing is recommended for daily wear. Casual and formal attire are used for business and formal functions. The most common widely language and dialect spoken is Hiligaynon. Cebuano and Ilocano also compose the conversation of people in the city. Maguindanao, Maranao and B'laan dialect are also significant. Tagalog and English are officially used for business correspondonce and transactions.  

The Sports Mecca in the South

Host of Palarong Pambansa 2007
Some 10,000 delegation converged in the City of Koronadal for a weeklong national sports event competition. The opening started with a parade around the City joined by all athletes and technical officials from the 17 participating regions.

The 30 minutes fireworks display of colors prepared by the city that light up the skies of Koronadal signifies a fitting culmination of a successful celebration. To note, this is the second time that Koronadal hosted the Palarong Pambansa. The other one was in 1996.

Koronadal City is indees, doing its best in transcending its image as a home of friendly and most hospitable people.

Invest in Koronadal
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In 2003, Koronadal's winning edges led to its recognition from the prestigious and highly respected Asian Institute of Management as the country's Most Competitive Small-sized City, a much coveted title contested by 25 small citites in the Philippines. Koronadal bested other small cities in credible standards like low cost of doing business and broad market base, proxinity to other growth centers, competent workforce, vibrant tourism sectors, strong supporting environment and very responsive local govenrment.

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