Koronadal City Travel Tips

Planning your trip to the Koronadal City:

  • Travel light - limit the things you carry with you when you travel. If at all possible, carry just one 9" x 22" x 14" bag with a maximum weight of 20 pounds. If you can manage to limit your bag to this size, you don't have to check-in your luggage at the airport. Upon arrival to your destination, you can go directly to customs while everybody is waiting for their luggage at the carousel. Pack light and pack smart. When choosing what to bring, think in terms of what you can do without rather than what might be handy for the trip.

  • When you travel to the Koronadal City, bring light clothing specially if you're visiting in summer. Cotton Tees, shirts, pants and walking shorts are your best bet. For ladies, a hat with brim will help protect against the heat of the sun. A pair of sunglasses with UV protection is recommended. And if you plan to travel to the countryside or walk a lot, don't forget to bring your comfy sneakers or sandals.

  • Note that the Koronadal City uses 220V of electricity. Most hotels/inns and lodges provide 220V outlets, specially in the rural areas. So if you're planning to bring some electronic gadgets, make sure you bring a converter with you.

  • Travel tip for smokers: long haul flights can be difficult for smokers. Bring with you a couple of nicotine patches and put one on about an hour before your flight. It is amazing how this small patch can make your craving for a smoke disappear.

Travel Tip on Valuables:

  • Avoid bringing valuables. A decent watch and faux accessories (optional) are all you need. But in case you did bring some expensive jewellery, deposit them and your other valuables in the hotel safe (most major hotels provide them for free).

  • Make sure you make a photocopies of your passport and tickets just in case you loose them. Keep the copies in a separate locations - place them in the deep pockets of your luggage.

  • It is a good idea to use a belt bag to put your money, passport and other valuables when on the road rather than a bag. And position it in front of your body and under your shirt if possible. Better yet, use a money belt and hide it under your clothing.

  • Never leave your bag and other valuables on the beach or at the poolside when swimming. It is a lot safer to leave them in your hotel room.



  • It is customary to leave a tip when rendered a service. On restaurants, a 10% tip based on the total bill is recommended. However, if there is already a service charge on the bill, a tip then becomes optional.

  • Taxis drivers, bellboys, chambermaids, all expect to be tipped. For a short tricycle ride, a P40 tip will suffice. But for hotel bellboys and chambermaids, a P150 tip is more appropriate. Adjust the tip according to your length of stay and service rendered.

Shopping Tips:

  • If you are about to do some shopping and are scheduled to visit the Koronadal City,  don't. Do your shopping in the Koronadal City. Even designer clothes are sold cheaper in the Koronadal than the countries they are made in. Many Filipinos living overseas come home to see their families and shop at the same time. The savings oftentimes pays for their vacation.

  • Aside from the goods, you can save substantially by having your medical, dental and cosmetic needs done in the Koronadal City. Ask for referrals from friends (or the hotel concierge for minor services) and choose the best ones.

Koronadal Travel Seasons:

  • Koronadal is a typhoon-free city. April to July are hot and dry while rains abound from August to October, November to March are pleasant cool and dry. Light casual clothing is recommended for daily wear. Casual and formal attire are used for business and formal functions.
  • The best time to see in Koronadal City is from November to March when the weather is cooler and dry. It is also a good time to see the longest Christmas season in the world. Were Filipinos start to decorate for Christmas as early as September.

Accommodation Tips:

  • It's a good to have an idea of the type of activities you would like to do and the attractions that you would like to see. This will help with your accommodation selection in that you will try to find a hotel that is close to everything that you want to do.

  • Do your research on the Internet and look around for accommodation packages that will suit your needs. There are many hotel reservation sites online that offer very competitive deals and so it makes it hard to make a decision on which one to choose. 

  • Once you have found a few hotels you like, don't forget to look through the amenities and facilities. Make sure your room is air conditioned because it can get really hot especially in summer. Enjoy and visit Koronadal City!

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